Fashion Classic Icon… Audrey Hepburn

Well, since I’m working through all the more well-known folks, it’s only natural to choose Audrey Hepburn!A very mini bio Audrey Hepburn was an actress, born on 4th May 1929 (fellow taurean! really can’t fault her, hehe!) in Belgium. However, she was raised in the Netherlands and is of British & Dutch descent according to Wikipedia.I’m really quite certain most of you know who she is, so I shalln’t write much in terms of biography. I guess, if you don’t, be sure to check out films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady, Sabrina, Funny Face and Roman Holiday (I’ve not seen all of those and she has been in a whole lot more, but that is a beginning at least!) or read up around the net.


Whilst searching for photos, I came across a whole bunch of Audrey with her pet deer, Pippin (or lp? I am puzzled as to it’s name). A revelation to me I assure you! But he/she is so adorable! And Pippin followed Audrey around wherever she went, which reminds me of that nursery rhyme ‘Mary had a little lamb’. It’s so endearing that all the photographs made me smile whilst I was researching!Anyone who has a pet deer has instant charm in my books! Moving onto her style now, since this is a style blog of sorts, it strikes me that what she actually wore is fairly simple. In terms of colour palette (though these photos are mostly B&W, so I cannot be sure) and the overall shapes & silhouettes of her clothes.

Miss Vintage has an excellent article on how to imitate her style, if you so desire it. For myself, I do not like to copy someone else’s style, simply be inspired by it… right now, I am loving the stripes in the next two photos…And finally… Miss Hepburn doing some sketching I believe and looking ever so darling in her bonnet! It’s hard to believe that she was actually 5′7″ (which is tall in my humble 5′4″ opinion!) because she seems to petite in everything I have seen. Also, following that small bicycle obsession of mine (I would still LOVE to ride around on my bike, but have yet to find the perfect bike which would not cause me embarrassment) I think that anyone who can look stylish on a bicycle is a genius! That applies to people on street style sites too.


Wrapping up now: Audrey dressed in an elegant but also pared down way. In that elusive, dare I say it, “chic” manner. Of which I personally do not think I am not able do very naturally! Seemingly though, she was not one of those ‘impenetrable cool’ type people, but was actually very down-to-earth, friendly and caring (she was a UNICEF goodwill ambassador). And those characteristics, I believe, are part of what make her an icon in so many people’s eyes.*

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